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Quindalup Reference

webAWD-2After the purchase of my rural lot I started on the journey
to find the best Architect I could possibly have for my dream
home. Having never had a home designed it was all new for me.

The list of professionals – from near & far – wanting to design my home was indeed nothing short. I had a very good idea what I wanted and Clayton from NAKED Architecture was the only one taking the adequate time to listen and discuss my views & wishes, long before I signed up with him. One can not underestimate the fact that he lives in the area where most of his clients want to build (Residential); he knows best what is possible and what is not.

I quickly realised that he designs a home for YOU, not for his Ego. His personality suits his profession very well.

His experience in both Commercial & Residential Design – in Australia and Overseas -, together with his comprehension of all aspects of the environment and new building technology, resulted in a huge benefit for my project.

In a few months I can move into my dream home; the Design is outstanding !

I can only highly recommend him.

Max R., Dunsborough WA